Since 2008 onezerOne has been an industry leader in Lottery Network Installation Rollouts; excelling at project management and Warehouse Management.

A typical project requires managing up to $100MM in Network and POS equipment, including receiving and distributing that equipment to the Installation teams. Often, due to limited warehouse space, ongoing reconciliation is required to ensure Just-in-time delivery and redistribution of parts. This allows the warehouse to never overfill, yet making sure installs are never halted for lack of parts. Fuse warehouse management uses Pallet and bin tracking to maintain mini-reconciliations throughout the process with automated reporting.

The system allows technicians to request parts in advance of arriving for restocking to insure minimal downtime when parts replenishments are needed. All serialized parts are tracked throughout their life-cycle. At any time, you can search a serial number and know not only where the part is now but also everywhere it’s been since being received in the warehouse.

Fuse then manages not only the schedule of work but also collects all the installation details in real-time which allows management up to the minute insights into the status of the project. If a tech has been logged on site longer than typical for the work recorded in Fuse, automated warnings are sent to supervisors, so they can assess any possible delays and assist in rectifying problems before they cause the schedule to get backlogged.

We are committed to being proactive and responsive but also augment our personnel with the right tools and software to be successful.