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onezerOne has developed an array of products that individually are a highly competitive value and best in class, but because we have built them with integration in mind, with each added service you will receive greater value, not only in the added benefits and value of integration, but also through the lower cost of infrastructure and servicing.

Television Entertainment

onezerOne offers the very best television entertainment for any size property.  Customized and easy to use interactive navigational guide allows guests and residents of all ages to enjoy our premium entertainmen

WiFi Solutions

Our sophisticated wireless survey system will determine the right amount of wireless coverage needed to ensure optimal performance and business/resident 

Telephone Services

Providing a low cost digital telephony systems for any sized property. Using only the most advanced VoIP software. onezerOne leverages the converged network infrastructure and high-speed Internet to provide the highest quality of voice services

Circadian Lighting

onezerOne’s lighting system is used to affect the body’s clock in the same way that sunlight does. Taking into consideration your property’s infrastructure, onezerone creates a setting for individuals to experience the benefits with minimal exposure to sunlight

Digital Signage

Keep residents, patients, visitors, guests, and staff all informed of important events in the facility by deploying onezerOne’s low cost digital signage solution.  The signage player is small enough to be mounted behind a display or TV and can be connected to a wired or wireless network

Security Cameras

Our HD cameras can be deployed both indoors and outdoors and can capture video from multiple angels and be set to record per camera based upon time of day, motion, or always record. Our software can store months worth of recording and offers security so that only authorized personnel are able to view

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