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When people reach their 70s and 80s their circadian rhythms can flatten out, and some lose the ability to maintain a functional sleep-wake cycle. This can often be seen in assisted living facilities where residents can be found asleep at any hour of the day or night.

Studies indicate light therapy can remedy early rising syndrome in seniors by shifting the body clock to a normal nighttime sleeping schedule. Elderly people with fragmented sleeping patterns may also benefit from light therapy, which improves the amplitude of circadian rhythms in the elderly and consolidates sleep at night. Overall, circadian lighting can help seniors stay more alert during the daytime, and reduce or prevent the “night wandering” that complicates the care of those suffering from Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

onezerOne’s lighting system is used to affect the body’s clock in the same way that sunlight does. Taking into consideration your property’s infrastructure, onezerone creates a setting for individuals to experience the benefits with minimal exposure to sunlight.

PoE Lighting

What is PoE Lighting?

In a nutshell, it’s lighting that is safely powered, controlled, and monitored all through an Ethernet cable.


Our circadian rhythm mimics the natural light cycle of the day. Beginning with a low color temperature, shifts to high midday, and glides back to low color temperatures as evening approaches.

User control

Users are, by default, only allowed to access their own zones but administrators can always grant permissions to increase system availability.


Sensors detect when your spaces are occupied or vacant and adjusts lighting based on user settings.


Record your power consumption and reports it in an easy to use set of graphs. Live usage data is available or you can view archives to make decisions about future lighting efficiency.



Transform all areas and spaces in your facility into Zones and assigns fixtures and control hardware.