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Customized to your install, our Web and Mobile based management software FUSE sets us apart from a traditional provider. This personalization allows us to enforce and track completion of all required tasks specific to your system specifications providing real-time status on the installation progress. Your front desk and management team, via any web browser, will be able to know which rooms our technicians are in and which rooms are complete in real time. Plus, have the ability to message the tech and team lead and track any customer issues after the room completion.

With unique asset tracking capabilities, we’re able to catalog detailed specifications of all equipment and cabling throughout your establishment which will in turn significantly reduce future down time issues. Additionally, our application can capture detailed notes that serve as invaluable tools for post-install and ongoing maintenance needs. Thinking of IoT in the future? The details are all captured lowering costs for any future IoT deployment.

What to Expect


  • Customized Installation
  • Equipment Tracking
  • Real-Time Status Updates
  • 24/7 maintenance Support



In combination with our asset tracking software and efficiently managed technical team, onezerone will significantly reduced down time of any project regarless of size.

Substantial business cost savings on future equipment, service and upgrade fees



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